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      2. About us

        Transfertex is a sustainable textile design and printing company, supplying the highest quality for both analog and digital printing paper. The company was founded in 1970 and has nearly 50 years of experience in design creation and production. The headquarters and production base of Transfertex are located in Kleinostheim, 45km southeast of Frankfurt, Germany. Transfertex also has subsidiaries and agencies worldwide.

        Products and services

        Transfertex Hangzhou with its own land and factory building was established by Transfertex in 2003, located in the National High-Tech Zone, Binjiang, Hangzhou, China. Transfertex Hangzhou is using European machinery, able to provide the below services for customers in China and outside China:

        • Service with TFX Copyright Designs;
        • Easy Fast Sampling;
        • Fabric Printing with high quality;
        • Service of Fabrics;
        • Direct import/export services of paper and fabrics are provided.
        Original Designs for Sportswear

        Think multicolored tie-dye,
        Watercolour prints in baked pastel tones,
        Activewear prints.

        Original Designs for Fashion

        Diamond shaped Argyle,
        Modern and fashion Plaid patterns.

        Original Designs for Hometextile

        Home interior prints transformed into digital looks,
        Patterns are inspired by flowers and plants,
        Piece to naturalistic and colorful, combinations All market trend.

        Transfertex GmbH & Co.
        Lindigstr. 7
        63801 Kleinostheim

        Phone: +86 138 19191623
        Internet: www.tfx.de
        E-mail: Send message

        Contact person

        Ellen Ouyang
        Phone: +86 138 19191623
        E-mail: Send message

        Transfertex Hangzhou Co., Ltd.
        Chengye Road 12
        Binjiang Qu,310053 Hangzhou
        P.R. China

        Phone: +86 571 8667 4295
        Internet: www.tfx.de
        E-mail: Send message

        News & Innovations

        Global Sustainable Transfer Prints
        Transfertex is the world's largest producer of sustainable transfer papers and films and offers a global service and support network in more than 40 countries.

        With almost 50 years of experience, from design development to final inspection of the printed paper, Transfertex maintains the highest quality at every stage, respecting strict European environmental standards and meeting our social responsibilities.

        We make every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle at every stage, and always have done - quite simply because, from design through production to delivery, it makes both economic and environmental sense. Transfertex offers global sustainable print solutions.

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        Get in contact

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