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      2. 关于我们

        BWF Feltec is a company of BWF Group, with its headquarter in Offingen/Bavaria and has more than 1,800 employees worldwide.

        We are the specialist for traditional wool felt and a wide variety of natural as well as synthetic needle felts. With many years of experience and always new creative developments we set standards in the ?fields of wool felts and needle felts, coloured and decorative felts, acoustics and undercollar felts. Function-enhancing optional finishes widen the broad application spectrum.

        We stand for excellent product quality. Starting with the selection and purchase of our raw materials and guaranteed by our ISO-
        and ECO-Certifi?cations. Our products are ecologically harmless from manufacture to final disposal. Due to their natural sources, our used materials wool and viscose are biological degradable and sustainable.

        We also provide customized product solutions. The combination of expertise and advanced laboratory techniques and equipment allow us to be always up to date with science and technology.


        Undercollar Felt:

        Whether made of pure wool or in combination with innovative synthetic fibres - our undercollar products feature the right materials for any occasion. Our stylish colours and pattern prints set us apart from the competition. Stripes, checks, Paisley, dots and other minimals are applied to the felt using different printing methods. 


        Ready Made Undercollar felt:

        • OFFITEX® is a high quality finished two-sided undercollar material made of approximately 70% wool and 30% viscose.
        • OFFINA is a finished polyester undercollar felt and especially popular by cost- conscious users. The material is very easy-care.
        • MAVICOL is made of original Irish linen or cotton pique undercollar material and is produced and sold exclusively by our subsidiary BWF Facol in Italy.


        Under-collar materials for further processing:

        • UCK / UBC: These thinner felts with high wool content are ideally suited for fusing


        Coloured and decorative felts:

        Colour and decorative felts from BWF Feltec simply make life more colourful! Our team of specialists manufactures tailor-made products for our customers and their individual applications, whatever those may be. Highly compressed, coloured or mottled, and coming in various thicknesses and compositions: the colour and design felts from BWF Feltec are true art objects. What's more, we offer various function-enhancing finishes and coatings for our products.


        • Used for high-quality fashion bags
        • Shapely and functional item for an ambitious interior design


        silentec® by BWF Group - Our acoustic products

        Our silentec® acoustic products achieve optimal acoustics in the open-plan office as well as in the hotel, the restaurant or at home. BWF Group acoustic products are not only impressive in terms of sound optimization and pollutant absorption, but also their unique design. The interaction of size, shape and colour adds a stylish visual highlight.


        • Panels
        • Acoustic fleece
        • Acoustic sheets
        • Customized acoustic solutions
        Undercollar Felt

        BWF Tec GmbH & Co. KG
        Bahnhofstr. 20
        89362 Offingen

        电话: +49 8224 710
        传真: +49 8224 712852
        网址: www.bwf-feltec.de
        电子邮件: 发送信息


        Ivan Xu
        Sales Manager
        电话: +86 510 8362 3261
        电子邮件: 发送信息

        BWF Feltec China
        Huicheng Rd. 68
        Huishan Economic Development Zone, 214177, Wuxi
        P.R. China

        电话: +86 510 83623261
        传真: +86 510 83623264
        网址: www.bwf-feltec.cn
        电子邮件: 发送信息

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